Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Machida Vs Cotoure knock out

i didnt get to see the UFC 129 Fight, But this is probably one of the better knockouts of the night.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

auto Correcting Rifles

Copied From Gizmodo, though i share.

When you're aiming at a target two miles away, the slightest perturbation could end up causing a catastrophic miss - not good enough for today's military. Until guns can aim themselves, snipers need the most accurate weapons possible. Engineers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory came up with a laser-guided correction system that ensures a shooter's crosshairs are always on the mark.

The new Reticle Compensating Rifle Barrel Reference Sensor measures slight disruptions in a gun barrel, automatically compensating for how they would impact a bullet's trajectory and adjusting the gun's crosshairs accordingly. This hyper-accuracy can enable snipers to take full advantage of modern guns with huge ranges up to two miles, ORNL explains.

It works by measuring slight variations across a rifle barrel. High-caliber rifles usually have a series of grooves on the exterior, called flutes, which help reduce weight and dissipate heat, allowing the barrel to cool off more quickly after firing a round. ORNL researchers led by Slobodan Rajic added glass optical fibers to these grooves. Laser diodes send a beam of light into the optical fibers, which split it in two directions, along the top and side of the barrel.

Using these beams and other sensor inputs, algorithms calculate how accurately a gun's sights - the reticle - correlates to the barrel's actual position. The shooter has crosshairs that automatically adjust for environmental conditions in real time, ONRL says.

The system's resolution is 250 times better than traditional reticles, shifting by 1/1,000th of a minute of angle.

To accompany the accurate crosshairs, Rajic and colleagues are also developing a laser-based bullet tracking system, which would provide a marksman with information about the bullet's flight path. That sounds kind of like Darpa's One Shot self-aiming system, which will calculate ballistics and ensure a perfect shot regardless of wind, humidity and other conditions.

The reticle system is targeted for military and police forces, according to ORNL.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Triple Ace!!!

Sorry followers, i been extremely busy, fixing my computers and school. i have two test this week =/.

anyway, me and my friends discover a new gambling game. we call it Triple Ace.

It is the player vs the Dealer style, and each player has a chance to deal.
anyway the basic rules.

There are three Dices, the point of the game is to roll a Double and then the Remaining Dice serves a number. 1 is the lowest and 6 is the highest. For example: the Dealer Rolls a 2-2-3. so in his hand he have a three, the other players have to roll a double and a number higher then three to win. there are other ways to win also, by rollings 4-5-6, or triples. if your roll doesn't form any thing that is a called a bust. If you roll a bust, the player, can roll two more times, three total.

if you are unfortunate to roll a bust, there is a still a chance to win! if the other players roll a 1-2-3, you win double!

here the payout.

Triple aces = wins 5x the bet
Triples = wins 3x the bet
4-5-6 = wins 2x the bet
1-2-3 = loses 2x the bet

in some instance when someone roles a 1-2-3, and the person he plays against rolls a 4-5-6 it pays out 3x.

some special rules:
1. Each player can be the dealer up to 3 times, but they can also pass, if they dont want to be the dealer.
2. if a dice falls out of the bowl, it counts as a bust.
3. No automatic wins, you can still roll a draw. rolling the same thing the other player rolled.

If its unclear, i can explain into further detail

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Cyanide and happiness

A few old. But it made me ROFL. definitely have the best Web comics available.