Sunday, April 3, 2011

just ranting. and food recipe lol

man this shit is bugging me and making me lose sleep, its 5am lol. so i borrowed one of my friends stew pot a few weeks ago. i never returned it. well tonight i was looking for it and it wasnt there. so the girl i borrowed it from said she never got the pot back, well, i called my roommate to see if he seen. and he tells me that She came to my place and got it when i wasnt there......... but this is where it dont make sense. she said she havnt been to my place in a few months. so is one of them lying? i denno, why they would?

anyway i went to walmart to buy a pot, And this particular walmart has the kitchen appliances near the bikes and hardware, the oppisite side of the Grocery department. WTF!!!! wouldnt it make sense to put them together? they should hire me to organize their danm store! haha.

so this is the part where i school you and give you a cooking lesson. we gonna be making Bun Bo Hue, a spicy noodle dish. its not an extremely detailed ingrediant list, bc im so pro. i make martha stewart's noodles take like ramen.


beef/pork brisket
ox tail
viet seasoning
green onions
chili peppers
rice noodles

1. boil the meat in the pot until its cooked and ox tail. it is a good idea to remove the scum that appears when cooking.
2.remove the meat, and u will be left with broth. but leave the oxtail
3. add your seasoning. and crushed chili peppers. onions and green onions in the broth
4. slice the meat to your liking, thinner is better.
5. add the meat back into the pot.
6. let it simmer. the longer the better, in vietnam we cook it for twenty-phO hours!!!
7. cook the rice noodles.
8. then you eat lol.

eat it with limes, bean sprouts, mint leaves.


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