Monday, April 18, 2011

Triple Ace!!!

Sorry followers, i been extremely busy, fixing my computers and school. i have two test this week =/.

anyway, me and my friends discover a new gambling game. we call it Triple Ace.

It is the player vs the Dealer style, and each player has a chance to deal.
anyway the basic rules.

There are three Dices, the point of the game is to roll a Double and then the Remaining Dice serves a number. 1 is the lowest and 6 is the highest. For example: the Dealer Rolls a 2-2-3. so in his hand he have a three, the other players have to roll a double and a number higher then three to win. there are other ways to win also, by rollings 4-5-6, or triples. if your roll doesn't form any thing that is a called a bust. If you roll a bust, the player, can roll two more times, three total.

if you are unfortunate to roll a bust, there is a still a chance to win! if the other players roll a 1-2-3, you win double!

here the payout.

Triple aces = wins 5x the bet
Triples = wins 3x the bet
4-5-6 = wins 2x the bet
1-2-3 = loses 2x the bet

in some instance when someone roles a 1-2-3, and the person he plays against rolls a 4-5-6 it pays out 3x.

some special rules:
1. Each player can be the dealer up to 3 times, but they can also pass, if they dont want to be the dealer.
2. if a dice falls out of the bowl, it counts as a bust.
3. No automatic wins, you can still roll a draw. rolling the same thing the other player rolled.

If its unclear, i can explain into further detail

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  1. Interesting game! I'd like to win some money in it!

  2. me and my friends were just playing
    for quarters, and at the end of the night i won 35 bucks lol